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Jesus Calling for Teens: 50 Devotions for a Thankful Heart

Jesus Calling for Teens: 50 Devotions for a Thankful Heart

by Sarah Young

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When we come to Jesus with a thankful heart, we can set aside worries and enjoy His presence. This grateful attitude helps us focus on our blessings and look for the miracles Jesus weaves into our lives.

Through gratitude, the Word of Christ can live in us (Colossians 3:16). This is important because the Bible is the only perfect Word of God—without errors. As you spend time in the Word and in this devotional, be assured that I work hard to keep my writings consistent with the unchanging truths of Scripture.

I have written from the perspective of Jesus speaking, to help readers feel more personally connected with Him. So the first person singular (“I,” “Me,” “My,” “Mine”) always refers to Jesus; “you” refers to you, the reader. I’ve included Scripture references after each reading. Words from the Bible (some paraphrased, some quoted) are written in italics.

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

    Sarah Young

I Love That!

It is not possible to thank Me too much. I love your praises. Sometimes your praise is an unplanned, in-the-moment, you-just-can’t-help-yourself sort of thing. Perhaps you have just received one of My blessings or have been overwhelmed by the beauty of My creation, and you are just bursting to tell Me about it. I love that!

Other times, you stop to think about My blessings, about My Presence in your life. And you decide to thank Me. I love that kind of praise too.

When you are struggling with a problem, pray about it. Then go ahead and thank Me for the help you know I will give you. This kind of praise means you know I am in control—and I love that!

Fill up the spare moments of your life with praise, and you will find that your life is filled with Me.

PSALM 22:3; PSALM 146:1-2


whatever happens.

That is what


for you in

Christ Jesus.

—1 Thessalonians 5:18 (ICB)

Expect Surprises!

Try to see each day as an adventure, planned out by Me, your Guide. Instead of trying to make your day into what you want it to be, open your eyes to all the things I have prepared just for you. Each day is My precious gift to you—and you only have one chance to live it. Trust that I am with you every minute, working in your life. And then thank Me for this day—no matter what happens.

Expect surprises! When you live your life with Me, no day will ever be boring or predictable. Don’t take the easiest path. Don’t just get through the day. Live it! Be willing to follow Me wherever I lead. Even when My way seems scary, the safest place to be is by My side.

1 PETER 2:21

This is the DAY

the Lord has made;

let us REJOICE

and be GLAD in it.

—Psalm 118:24

No More Boring Days

Come to Me with a thankful heart. I have made this day for you so that you can enjoy My Presence in it. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Rejoice in today. Look for the many blessings and miracles that I have put into this day. If you look for My Presence in your life, you will find it.

Come to Me with all your needs, big and small, knowing that I will take care of you. When you are not worried about what is happening in your life, then you are free to truly live. I want to give you that freedom. Turn your heart over to Me and I will fill it with peace and joy. And there will be no more boring days!


Do not worry about

anything. But PRAY and

ask God for everything

you need. And when you pray,

always give THANKS. And God’s

peace will keep your hearts and

minds in Christ Jesus. The PEACE

that God gives is so great that we

cannot understand it.

—Philippians 4:6–7 (ICB)

No More Comparisons

I know that sometimes you doubt yourself. You worry what people think about you. You are afraid that you’re not good enough. You think no one cares.

I want you to bring those fears and doubts to Me and let Me give you peace. Accept yourself as the person I created you to be. Don’t wear yourself out comparing yourself to others. Instead, be thankful for how I made you, and trust Me as I guide you through this day.

As you learn to live with Me as the Center of your life, My Peace will fill you up. You will stop worrying about how you look and what other people think of you, because you will be too busy living the life I have planned for you.

PSALM 29:11; NUMBERS 6:24-25; PSALM 13:5

May the Lord

WATCH over

you and


you peace.

—Numbers 6:26 (ICB)

Still and Quiet

It’s tough to be still and quiet. There are so many things you could be doing—playing outside, talking to a friend, going to the game. But there are times when you have to be still—when you are sick, when you have finished your classwork, or when others need you to be quiet. Instead of wishing away this time, use it to listen for Me and to thank Me for My Presence in your life.

Some of My greatest work is done when you are still and quiet. That is when you can hear Me whisper to your heart.







—Zechariah 2:13

Let them give thanks
to the Lord for his
unfailing love and his
wonderful deeds for men.
—Psalm 107:8

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